Brendan Shanley

Photographer Brendan Shanley

Do you ever find yourself so immersed in something that you lose track of time? I’m talking about passion. This is exactly what Lost In Print is about. Photography isn’t just a job to me—it’s a passion. As a photographer, I work hard to create photos that capture attention and tell a story.

My name is Brendan Shanley and above all else I’m a storyteller. While working for about a decade as a Graphic Designer I began practicing photography on the side. Little by little I began to shoot more and soon discovered that photography was a serious passion of mine. I’m thankful for my education and credit my degree in Visual Communications for giving me a sound understanding of composition, color and layout. All of which are essential for my photography.

I’m currently living in Seattle and am available for hire worldwide.

While I love to travel, the community I live in is very important to me. I do my best to stay inspired and one of the places I often look to for inspiration is the creative community. For 10+ years I was an active member of AIGA Chicago. I was elected to and served as a Programming Director on the organization’s Board of Directors for 4 years. This was a fantastic opportunity to give back and help create events to help inspire the community that did so much for me. I am currently serving as Vice President for the AIGA Seattle chapter.

Music is also a huge inspiration for me. In late 2009, I created Lost In Concert — an online music publication focussed on the live music experience. Shooting live music is a veritable boot camp for photographers. With no control over the lighting, subjects and other circumstances you learn to be quick and adapt and make sure you get “the shot.”

I believe that choosing a photographer is a lot like choosing a tattoo artist. You start by looking for someone with the right style. Most good photographers can achieve any look that’s required but it makes sense to start here. For the record, I do not have any tattoos but find some incredibly beautiful. Another huge consideration is attitude. As a photographer who spends most of his time working with people, I pride myself on keeping the energy and productivity up. From the first phone call to the delivery of final images, I work to impress my clients and make the experience working with me positive and memorable.


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