Artist’s Perspective Gallery Feature

APA Midwest held its inaugural Artist’s Perspective gallery show on December 6th, 2013 at the Chicago Art Department. Many images were entered by Chicago area photographers who wished to earn the approval of judges Susan Aurinko (Chicago Artists Coalition), Teresa Rad (TBWA/Chiat Day) and Kristen Walsh (Arnold Worldwide). I was fortunate enough to have 2 of the 5 images I submitted selected for the gallery.

The first image features Justin Hawkins, lead singer and guitarist for the popular rock band The Darkness. You probably remember them as the band that wrote “I Believe In A Thing Called Love.” The photo was taken during their performance at The Vic Theatre in Chicago in January 2013. Not many moments are as exhilarating as getting 3 feet from an artist on stage with a 24mm lens while he’s wailing on the guitar. And how about those sweet leather overalls?!

The second image was created as part of a 5 scene set used to promote a Chicago theater group’s performance. This scene depicts one of the 4 Goth Queens. The setup was outside in a rundown alley and utilized 2 Alien Bee strobes powered by a remote battery pack. The key light placed high camera right was modified by a 64″ silver parabolic umbrella. The purple accents were created by gelling the second light low camera left. The purple added a nice breadth of color to the alley’s darkness and mystery while the metal and wood made for an appealing texture and pattern.

See a complete list of photographers selected for the gallery on the APA Midwest Blog.

The Darkness at The Vic Theatre 2013

Goth Queen