Pixels of Fury Victory

AIGA closed out its Head, Heart, Hand design conference in Minnesota with a blowout Pixels of Fury party at the renowned Walker Art Center, where six contestants pitted their design skills against one another in an attempt to claim the Furious Pixel trophy. In this competition, competitors faced off to create original posters in just 20 minutes, armed only with Shutterstock assets and their imaginations. It all happened in front of a live crowd at a party featuring drinks, food, tunes by DJ Funzen and a Bosco GIF photo booth. I was selected to compete and only given the charge that the poster design must, inspire the audience to action. Having two weeks to prepare for the competition was more than enough time to come up with a couple of concepts to execute for our first round. It was a more difficult task deciding which direction to take the design in.

I ultimately chose to reflect upon my own feelings about the benefits of attending a National AIGA Conference. Sure, you learn a lot from wonderful speakers and design idols. Not to mention you get a taste of another city’s culture. But for me, the connections and friendships I’ve formed over the years is by far the greatest benefit. I love meeting people! So what better to design a poster about? This was my moment to speak visually to a captive audience and hopefully make an impact so that they would return home and really follow up with those they’d met.

The competition was setup in a 3 round format. The first 2 rounds each put 3 competitors against each other designing their initial concepts. The third and final round took the winners from rounds 1 and 2 and required they each design new posters based on one another’s initial concepts. This was the big twist in the evening for me. This was the challenge that really didn’t provide much preparation time. A few minutes in all reality. Not to mention the 20 minute limit given to design within. You can see each competitor’s poster on the Shutterstock blog. Below I’ve included my initial concept, redesigned just slightly post competition so that I could polish it up a bit outside of the initial 20 minute constriction. Check out this amazing video Shutterstock produced capturing the evening festivities. Then go out and meet more people for yourself.